Nuhair Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1) What causes hair loss or baldness?

Q. 2) Does hair transplantation work?

Q. 3) What should I expect after hair transplant surgery?

Q. 4) Are hair transplants painful?

Q. 5) Do you guys do the surgery in (city)?

Q. 6) Do you do surgery on African/black hair?

Q. 7) Do you guys do beard transplants?

Q. 8) I don't want an online consultation, I would like to do an in-person consultation

Q. 9) How long have you guys been in business?

Q. 10) How will my scalp appear immediately after the surgery?

Q. 11) When can I return to work?

Q. 12) Are hair transplants very expensive?

Q. 13) How do I know if I am a good candidate?

Q. 14) What age is the minimum for a hair transplant?

Q. 15) What age is the maximum for a hair transplant?

Q. 16) How many hair transplant grafts will I need?

Q. 17) What is Follicular Unit Excision or (FUE)?

Q. 18) What is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)?

Q. 19) Can I finance a transplant?

Q. 20) How long is a recovery from hair transplant surgery?

Q. 21) Can I have more than one hair transplant?

Q. 22) How long is a typical hair transplant surgery?

Q. 23) How long will my hair transplant last?

Q. 24) Can women have hair transplants?

Q. 25) Will a surgeon perform my surgery?

Q. 26) Is it ok to go to a general cosmetic surgery clinic for a hair transplant?

Q. 27) How noticeable is hair restoration surgery to others?

Q. 28) When will my hair begin to grow?

Q. 29) Why Should I Go To Nuhair Hair Transplant Centres?

Nuhair Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions January 23, 2021