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  • NO Linear Scarring | NO Scalpel | NO Stitches! Eliminating long linear scars in your donor area. Wear your hair any style – even short, with no big scars to hide or be embarrassed about.


  • Simple minimally invasive in-office procedure! Fastest recovery of all hair transplant procedures. You’ll be back at work and resuming regular activities within days.


  • Guaranteed & Permanent Hair Loss Solution! Look as young as you feel & be yourself again. Enjoy sports activities & social events you have been avoiding.



NuHair Transplants only provides SAFE, PROVEN TO WORK, FDA approved Laser Light Therapy and other Hair Treatments.

  • 99% of all patients notice less hair loss in the first month


  • MORE THAN 90% patients see growth within months!


  • No drugs or medications required.


  • SUNETICS is the only LLT machine that is scientifically proven to work! Science says so!


  • SUNETICS Clinical Laser was approved by the FDA to treat Androgenetic Alopecia (Male and Female Pattern Baldness) in December of 2013. The FDA clearance number for the device is K132646.