Surgical Hair Transplants

Surgical Hair Transplants – Are you a good candidate for a hair transplant?

NHM offers No-Scar FUE Hair transplants. No scalpel, No linear Scar, No Stitches. You will be back to work and resuming regular activities within 5-7 days. We also now offer our executive non shaving FUE so you can return to work literally the next day!

NuHair Transplants offers the least invasive no-scar hair transplants.

NuHair Transplants  is excited to be offering state of the art Hair Transplants! ”

There are many fancy titles for this type of surgery – however, they all fall under one concept: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Follicular Unit Extraction solves the issue of old fashioned STRIP surgeries by extracting Follicular Units (also called grafts) from the back and sides of the head using specific techniques to minimize scarring to the degree that in some patients it is literally undetectable unless one were to inspect the patient’s head up close.

The degree, or lack of visibility, varies from patient to patient based upon individual healing characteristics. As a general rule of thumb, when done properly, a patient can cut their hair to a 1 guard (1/8 of an inch or 3mm in length) and at this length no scarring would be visible to the naked eye unless upon close inspection.

There are different types of FUE surgeries – however, between our core staff we have performed over 3500 FUE (roughly 1500 Robotic FUE and 2000 manual) surgeries. From this experience and observable results we strongly believe that human guided FUE is currently the most accurate type of FUE surgery in most patients. However, the ARTAS is still a leading technology sometimes resulting in far superior results when compared to manual FUE hair transplants.

To find out which type of surgery is best in your case, you will need to have an in person consultation with our Hair Transplant Specialist.

No-Scar Hair Transplants vs Scar Hair Transplants

There are several major differences between “non-scarring” and “no-scar” hair transplants. Any clinic advertising any hair transplant surgery as “non-scarring” is lying to you. Even the most skilled doctors or nurses using the smallest extraction methods can and will cause scarring, the question is whether the scar(s) are large enough to be visible.

Scarring hair transplants most commonly refers to a type of surgery, Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) also known as “STRIP” which results in an ear to ear surgical strip scar that is permanent for the rest of a patient’s life. NHM has been performing FUT surgeries for 20 years and we can state with confidence that this surgery still is a viable surgical option in patients where FUE is not ideal.

(FUT) is outdated in many clinics still using archaic technologies based upon, frankly, pure laziness, and a lack of desire to provide the best surgeries possible. Proper FUT surgeries with good closure techniques lead to very thin lines that with a short hairstyle can not be seen.

Even with evidence pointing to superior and less invasive no-scar methods, old habits die hard and many clinics in Canada still continue to favour out-of-date FUT procedures or state that FUE does not work which can not be further from the truth.

Many clinics will say they do No-Scar surgeries only to tell you that for various reasons you are not a good candidate and then they try to sell you an FUT surgery because they are unable to perform these less invasive surgeries. Don’t be fooled – ensure you get a consultation with a qualified clinic that performs both FUE and FUT surgeries to see if you are a candidate for FUE or FUT before getting an FUT or FUE surgery done. Do not forget our 100% guarantee that if you are not a good candidate for a hair transplant we will refuse your surgery.

COST: We have made it our goal to bring lower price points to the cost of FUE surgery. Clinics still charging almost double the price for this surgery when compared to FUT are not looking out for the patient’s best interest to offer a superior no-scar technique at a price that most consumers can afford in an already very expensive surgical field.

No-Scar surgeries do not take double the time of Scarring surgeries and therefore should not be close to double the price.

The price of the transplant will vary based upon the size of the transplant and area to be covered but we remain true in order to offer the best price possible while still delivering amazing results. It is impossible to give a quote or a price without first seeing a patient (similar to asking a quote for dental work over the phone).

However, as a general rule of thumb, a surgery will cost anywhere between $3,000-7,000 for a smaller surgery and $10,000-15,000 CAD for a larger surgery per day. To get a proper quote, fill out our online consultation, email, or call us and we will be happy to provide a customized plan and price for you!

FINANCING: We offer financing on all of our surgeries and products!


  • We offer 25% off all solutions and products for patients under the age of 16 no questions asked.
  • We offer 10% off all products and solutions for students (proof of enrolment required) under 25
Why the cost of a transplant can vary from patient to patient:

Some examples of why the price can vary:

  • Has the patient had previous surgeries? If so, extracting and planting grafts can sometimes take a far longer amount of time. The longer the time the more expensive the procedure and surgery will cost.
  • Does the patient have a caliber of hair and skin type that is easy or tough to work with? This can greatly impact the number of grafts we can harvest in one day.
  • Does the patient have thin hair genetically? If so, the extraction process can take longer to ensure we do not over-harvest the donor area.