About NuHair Transplants

Nuhair Transplants offers our Hair Transplant Guarantee:

We genuinely care about our patients – our mission statement and guarantee to our patients are as follows:
  • We promise to provide the least invasive surgery and most effective solutions possible and to give honest opinions and facts.
  • In cases where non-surgical options have a high probability of success, we will ensure the patient is offered these treatments even though they are less expensive than surgery.
  • We guarantee that we will explain to you what you can expect and manage your expectations to be congruent with realistic expectations. If you are unhappy with the results you could achieve, we will advise you not to have hair transplant surgery – it really is that simple.
  • We will refuse a surgery if a patient is not a good candidate for surgery.
  • We stand by our surgeries. At least 85% the transplanted grafts will grow or we will do everything we can to provide an additional touch-up session at the cost of medication and supplies only, to ensure your results are as full as possible.
  • We DO NOT guarantee non-surgical results. The fact of the matter is that non-surgical treatments do not work for some patients. This is why if we recommend a non-surgical solution and it’s not as effective as expected, we will apply 100% of the price paid towards a Nuhair surgical hair transplant treatment.
  • PARENTS: At NuHair Transplants, we are parents and have children. This is why we offer 25% off all surgeries treatments or surgery to anyone under the age of 16 suffering from hair loss, no questions asked. Losing hair at any age is challenging enough, let alone as a child.
  • STUDENTS: We offer 15% off for students (must have a valid student ID or proof of enrolment) under 25.
  • CODE of CONDUCT: At Nuhair, patient care is a big part of our business, and we believe in providing the very best patient care experience possible. We commit to treating each and every one of our patients with the utmost respect and professionalism; we also insist that each of our patients reciprocate that same level of respect and professionalism when interacting with our staff, management or ownership.We reserve the right to cease all engagement with any patient that behaves in a disrespectful or threatening manner, as such and by default, any obligation to service, maintain or guarantee treatment outcomes on behalf of Nuhair Hair Transplants will be forfeited.We ask that our patients have patience, hair restoration is a notoriously slow process, and it can often take a year or more to achieve full results, and we kindly ask you to respect the process; we will do everything within our power to help you achieve results that match your expectations.