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Choosing a date & time for your free Consultation

Thank You for trusting NuHair Transplants with something as important as your personal appearance. Simply choose a date and time for your free consultation using the calendar on the page.

Booking your appointment: Please Read

To choose a date & time for your free consultation please use the calendar on this page and follow the simple steps below.

  1. On the calendar click on any date highlighted in green that is convenient for you. Please note you can also change the month by clicking on the arrow to the right.
  2. Once you click a date available time slots for that date will be displayed. Click on an available time slot to choose it. Please note all times are in the Pacific time zone.
  3. Please ensure the remaining form fields for your name, email, and phone number have been filled in and click the submit button.

To schedule a date and time by telephone please call one of the numbers listed on our contact Us page.

To Qualify For Our Spring Special

Simply book your appointment on or before April 30th 2024 to qualify for our Spring special to save $2000. Even if your appointment is after April 30th 2024, as long as you book before April 30th 2024 you are qualified should you choose to proceed, your discount will be locked-in even if it is several months from now.

Please note: that you should be receiving an email response from our system which contains important information.

We hope to see you soon,


The NuHair Transplants Team

Cancelling or Changing Your Appointment

Attending a live consultation is truly the best way for you to actually *see for yourself* how completely natural and undetectable our hair loss solutions truly can be.

You’ll often meet someone who was actually a hair restoration client of Nuhair at some point, since oftentimes our clients are so happy with their results that they decide to work at NuHair Medical and help others by sharing their own results.

You may cancel at any time, if you simply cannot attend your appointment please rest assured that you may cancel or change your appointment, you will receive a link via email that will allow you to cancel or change your appointment as necessary.

Booking your Consultation December 4, 2018