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Discover Why a NuHair™ Hair Transplant is Simply Better!
Why Medical Hair Restoration?
100% Natural Looking
The NuHair Gerbrex® Hair Transplant is carefully designed by mathematically analysing your unique facial dimensions and characteristics based on the principals of beauty as originally established by Leonardo DeVinchi’s “Vitruvian man”.
We analyse your hair colour, curl/wave, hair shaft calibre, hair laxity, density, angularity and more along with all other facial ratios before designing a comprehensive and unique “blue print” for your medical hair restoration.
Get The Look That You Want
Once we have designed your unique hair restoration “blue print” we will thoroughly discuss and refine or redesign your personal “blue print” based on your input to accommodate and maximize the design implementation of each of your goals and desires.

We will not proceed without your complete understanding and agreement of how each element will affect your overall finale results, so that you are able to take an active role in helping us achieve the exact look that you want to achieve.

Save 10% – 15%
Because of NuHair’s innovative business model we are able to reduce our infrastructure and property costs significantly.

As a result of reducing our overhead we able to pass these savings along to our client, on average we are able to save our clients 10% – 15% while still delivering a highly refined, world class hair transplant performed by one of the most highly experienced doctors in North America.

Why Choose NuHair Transplants?
Over 20 Years Experience
We have over 20 years of clinical experience performing hair transplantation.

We have perfected many of the most successful and effective surgical hair transplant techniques in the world, including FUT, FUE, Stick and Place, Lateral Slit, Trichophytic Closure and more, learned from French maxillofacial surgeons who are widely regarded as being the best and utilizing the most sound surgical techniqes in the world.

Artistic Ability
In a recent high profile study measuring the effect of artistic ability in medicine it has been concluded that the effect of artistic ability in medicine is proportionally equal to or greater then the effect of the science required.

Hair transplantation is a perfect example this, and it is for this reason that the doctors at NuHair are chosen equally based on their artistic ability as well as for their mastery of the science and rigor required. Nuhair is where art meets the science of hair transplantation.

Fast Recovery
The NuHair Gerbrex® Hair Transplant utilizes highly refined surgical techniques that are designed to be as minimally invasive as possible, allowing our patients to return to work within just a couple of days.

It’s a micro-surgical out patient procedure which is minimally invasive allowing you to return to your schedule within just a few days.

A Small Sample of Our Previous Client Results
FUT Hair Transplant 20192IMG_0303IMG_0304IMG_0305IMG_0306IMG_0308

FUT Hair Transplant Patient 20191IMG_0301IMG_0302

3300 FUT 12 months3300 Graft FUE Crown After 13300 Graft FUE Crown After 2

5000 FUE 1 year post5000 FUE5000 FUE

FUT 3500 Grafts3500 FUT Surgery 23500 FUT Surgery 23500 FUT Surgery 1


The #1 Regret We Hear From Our Clients
The #1 comment we hear from our clients is nost often that “I wish I had done this sooner”.

Don’t waste another day suffering with hair loss if you don’t want to, sign up for a free hair loss consultation and take the first step today!

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  • A Current Hair loss Assessment and Future Prognosis.
  • A 10% – 15% Credit Toward Any of Our Procedures.
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